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Saskatchewan Whitetail hunts:

Our trophy whitetail hunt is 4 days 5 nights long, we hunt these bad boys in Oct and late November, we hunt over baited areas from heated ground blinds, this gives our clients a better chance to have a closer look at the deer and decide which trophy is right for them, sometimes the biggest deer isn’t what everyone is looking for, like they say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, all our clients decide which trophy is right for them, we don’t have a guide telling you that deer is not in your size range, with our new hunt its all about the experience, the hunt and mainly the trophy you choose.

New for 2015 we  are offering a new hunt, we call it the ranch hunt,  consisting of deer in the 170-210” class with an average in the 190’s  these trophies are all heavy horned with the dark color that Sask is known for, with massive bodies that can reach 400 lbs.  Our preserve is unique to Northern Sask ,it contains black and white poplar, spruce and pine trees, rolling hills, meadows and muskegs that you will only find here. Our expansive area has 7 miles of perimeter fence and is approximately 85 % heavy forest,  our deer are in the natural habitat that they are  most accustomed to. This is as close to free range hunting as you will find anywhere, bar none.  You may think that all the big ones get taken first but with an area like ours we harvest big ones right till the end because some times the big ones are invisible until the peak of the rut and that is the only reason they move from the heavy timber.

If you want a specific size not in the ranch hunt we can do that to, we offer any size of whitetail to accomadate everyone's preference.

Lodging at Bighorn Buck Adventures- we have recently  built a large log lodge where you will be staying during your hunt, our hunter area downstairs is set up for our hunting clients, we have private and semi private bedrooms with semi private washrooms, there is a large seating area with satellite tv, and yes, we have wifi.  All meals are prepared and served upstairs, while you enjoy the home cooked meal you can glance up to our trophy wall at some huge whitetail and elk that are mounted just about all the way  to the top of the 26’ ceiling, haven’t quite made it to the top yet haha.  At bighorn buck adventures we are proud to say you will experience a great hunt and the comfort and relaxation you can only get from a a log lodge nestled in amongst the trees in the true wilderness of Northern Sask, far away from all the hustle and bustle from the busy world we live in today,

Your dream hunt begins when your guide has delivered you to your stand via atv or side by side, he helps you get set and the rest is up to you. When you have successfully completed your hunt you may contact your guide by radio or cell phone, he will come to you as quickly as possible for retrieval and pictures, then back to the ranch for capeing and prep of your animal for shipping or for our taxidermist.

If hunting Saskatchewan whitetail has been on your mind for a long time give Marc or Tyler a call or drop them an e-mail and let them help you turn your dream into reality. Whether it is someones first hunt or a family excursion let Bighorn Buck Adventures make this a memorable occasion for you. We will do our best to work with everyone's schedule.

If you choose you may harvest more than one trophy or combo with any other hunt we offer.


our Free range whitetail hunt is 5.5 days, we hunt in heated ground blinds over baited areas, our hunt is all on private land so we dont have to worry about other hunters shooting the big ones.

This hunt is in Nov so we are hunting through the peak of the rut, this way you see more deer and that northern Sask monster might come in to your stand.

This hunt is fully guided with lic taxes and lodging included in the price, if you have been wanting to come to Sask, there is no better time than now to come to our private area and see if you can kill a Sask monster.

email marc for more info and pricing......


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